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- Deep cleansing with super fine micro bubbles
Smoothie0like super fine micro bubbles deeply cleanse even fine dust to keep your skin bright and healthy.

- Dust Zero Complex Washes off even fine dust
Dust Zero complex with phytoncide ingredients absorbs and cleanses impurities and fine dust to relieve stressed skin.


#Sebum gets washed away, leaving only soft skin

Product Feature
- Skin Irritation test completed
- 3 in 1 Exfoliation/pore care/Cleansing at once
Refreshing cleansing foam removes skin impurities, sebum and old keratin at the same time.
- Dust Zero Complex Washing off even fine dust
Dust Zero Complex with phytoncide ingredients absorb and cleanse impurities and fine dust to relieve stressed skin
- Nature-oriented seed scrub purrifies your skin
Fine grape seed granules wash black/white heads and rough sebum off your skin without causing irritation.
- Gentle cleansing with rich bubbles

- Scrubbing cream type with nature-oriented grape seeds
Pure grape seed scrub derived from nature completely removes impurities, including old keratin that clogs pores to
create a smooth and matte skin texture.
- Grape seed granules
- Rich whipped cream-textured cleanser

- Keratin - When you want a simple exfoliation
- Black Head - When you want to remove blackhead and whitehead
- Smooth - When you want to create a smooth skin
- Fresh - When you want refreshing feeling after cleansing

- Cypress Leaf Extract (Soothing effect)
- Eucalyptus Leaf Extract ( Antioxidant effect)
- Bamboo Extract ( Antioxidant, brightening, hydration effect)
- Moringa Leaf Extract ( Antioxidant, Hydration, soothing effect)

Product Content : 145ml


- Skin becomes moister after being washed

- Pulpy jelly type holing moist

- DUSTZERO COMPLEXTM that washes away even fine dust

- Skin irritation test has been completed


# Sticky bubbles like glutinous rice cake pulls up fine dust and impurities
# Deep hydration from pomegranate extracts
# Gentle cleansing with rich bubbles
# Dust Zero Complex Washes off even fine dust


Blueberry Foam - Moisture Jelly Cleanser without skin dryness

Green Grape Foam - One step cleansing that removes sebum and dead skin cell all at once

Citrus Foam - Softness and brightening Vitamin Cleansing 

Pomegranate Foam - Deep cleansing, deep moisturizing pomegranate foam