‘Sale of 445 lip balms per second, sold out within one and a half minutes’

Frudia, a new concept pure-juice skincare brand , has collaborated with Wang Hong in China to set a milestone in selling 40,000 ‘Blueberry Hydrating Lip Balm(hereinafter referred to as Blueberry Lip Balm)’ in one and a half minutes.

Frudia introduced Blueberry Lip Balm through live commerce of Wang Hong(influencer) Li Jiaqi’s personal account at Taobao, China’s leading open market, earlier this month. In the broadcast when about 11 million people were watching, about 445 Frudia Blueberry Lip Balms were sold per second, and all 40,000 prepared were sold in one minute and a half.

Frudia Blueberry Lip Balm is also beloved by domestic consumers for its excellent moisturizing and exfoliation power, and was selected as the No. 1 ‘Lip Balm of the Year in 2019’ by consumers of Glow Pick, an online platform that provides cosmetics review and ranking services.

Li Jiaqi, who has about 100 million followers, which is more than the national population, is the most influential Wang Hong among Chinese Wang Hongs in the beauty sector. Li Jiaqi was nicknamed ‘Lipstick Oppa’ by selling 14,000 lipsticks in one minute and setting a new record, and also showed his influence off by selling 40,000 Frudia lip balms in one and a half minutes.

“Blueberry Lip Balm is the beloved product by a number of consumers in Korea as a ‘lip balm of life’. We will continue to grow into K-Beauty brand that captures the heart of Chinese consumers with our outstanding products,” said a Frudia official.

In the meantime, Frudia Blueberry Lip Balm has also entered into more than 4,000 Watson’s stores in China, actively drawing Chinese consumers both online and offline.